Easter / Poem

Comes to Me

Wounded heart..

comes to Me..

let be healed


Tired soul..

comes to Me..

let rejoicing


Lonely one..

comes to Me..

I am for you


Silent voice..

comes to Me..

you are worthed


O dearly friend..

comes to Me..

You’ll not want


Embrace your cross..

‘coz on that one..

My arms open wide


Bahasa Indonesia

Hati yang luka..

datanglah pada-Ku..

kau dipulihkan


Jiwa yang lelah..

datanglah pada-Ku..

kau bersukacita


Suara yang diam..

datanglah pada-Ku..

kau berharga


Kawan terkasih..

datanglah pada-Ku..

kau terpuaskan


Rangkul salibmu..


Kubentangkan tangan-Ku


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