Easter / Poem


Pada kayu yang kasar Kau pilih jalan-Mu
Anak manusia hai apa dosa-Mu
Salib menekan, derita tak lekang
Karena akukah Kau tanggung semua
Apalah aku ‘tuk layak Kau cinta
Hingga Tuhanku tersalib untukku


nb: sorry for no English translation


One thought on “PASKAH

  1. Dear all,

    Easter or PASKAH has a two-sided face.
    We found that Jesus is risen for us, we knew that we are saved, we could claim salvation as us.
    But we also found that we are unfeasible to this great mercy, we recognize that God Himself through savage path and go the cross to bring us salvation.
    That’s why Easter season is the best season at all to ruminating and figure out the reason of resurrection and how could we respond the greatest love.

    Happy Easter!

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