Easter / Poem


Early dawn that morn when women in silence came to the tomb

And found the stone rolled away there

Stand two men in dazzling apparel and said Jesus not there to them

They remembered Jesus said He is risen in the third day

Enhancing with tremendous happiness they are going to tell that truth

Reign is the Lord and they would never be the same again


nb: sorry for no bahasa translation


One thought on “EASTER

  1. Dear Women,
    I write this poem special for you coz women honored to be the first witnesses of resurrection. I write in remembering a lot of women who locked them self in never-ending mourn. Listen to your heart and let the Holy Spirit guides you. Coz Jesus is risen in your heart, the stone of the tomb will moved away for you. Your mourn would be changed to glory and you would be never the same again.

    Dear Women,
    Rise with God and told to the world that Jesus is your Saviour! Not spice nor fragrance, bring your morned heart to Him.
    Happy Easter!

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