Our Children of Hope

Yesterday when I watched “Seputar Indonesia” showed children at NTT and some area in Java with bloated stomach, big head, skinny body, and painful look whose suffered in malnutrition and hunger. I suddenly felt the moisture on my eyes. I know it is difficult to understand indeed, how could our children face this situation, how could it be not only a film story but existed cases.

Me myself interest with the Institute for Esosoc Right’s statement that “hunger and famine in Indonesia first of all because of poverty. But being poor does not necessarily mean to suffer from hunger and famine“. They encourage education, women empowerment, and health management as key points to come out from this phenomenon. On information stage, this statement considered as strong message. But to be informed is not enough, there should a movement and a heart to do that. And of course, not by one or two, but as a nation.

Our children are our future. Our children lost in malnourished, so do our nation. Yes, our nation! Not yet, but soon!

As a part of this nation, as people who loves his/her nation. I do averse to let it happened nor conciliating my beloved country to lost in ridiculous. Read Jeremiah 29:7 to know that God wants us to pray and to work for the place He sent us even it a horrible place.

Yes it is that some people already lost their sense of confidence by facing poverty and unsupported environment. Those hopeless also fails bridging hope to their children. But much more considered as people that can do more but lost their sense of duties, lost their sense of humanity, and lost their sense of nation.

When this case first appeared on media it got attention for about 4 months than it just common news. Now a day, government put this case on “Kejadian Luar Biasa (KLB)” stage. How long it would take your attention before it becomes common news?


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