Poem / Quotes

It is nice to share..

Dear all, below IS NOT my poem

It is written by a person that i know exactly have a heart to serve HIM

He is encourage me with this poem his wrote on Ge’s corner

And i can not hold my self to share it with you all …

Here it is…

Menanti mungkin meletihkan

Berlatih pasti berat

Yang setia melakukannya dengan berani

Asal berlari dengan tujuan

Tidak sembarang memukul

Diujungnya ada hadiah

… yang bisa kita bawa ke kaki-Nya …

(IA tersenyum bangga)

Last line is lovely penned,

and if I could be…

what would it be…

things to bring on HIS foot…

for i have no valuable things

just me as I am

and the miracle is

HE would never and never reject me and you

so, thanks bang Poltak to remind me ’bout that!

Every little steps are to praise HIM!


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