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It’s Alright (Heaven Aplaud)

It’s alright to feel so lonely
Coz all good angels too busy today
There is a big party in heaven now
One of their best is coming home

It’s alright to feel unfair
Coz all that fair is not on earth
There’s big screen-wall entire this life
Once you know you will surprise

It’s alright to cried eyes out
Coz all the pain need to throw away
There is a stupid way to hold it in
Only you could choose your way

It’s alright to know these, dear
Coz your beloved just go nowhere
She is waiting in Heaven’s fame
Our rendezvous after all done

It’s alright to mourn a while
Coz sometimes night is so dark
When one spark takes out from you
For one angel comes home today

It’s alright, my dear, it’s alright
Our beloved would be right
Even more we could provide
She is smile in eternal life

There is a party in Heaven now
One of good angels is coming home
It’s alright, my dear, it’s alright

Jakarta, 080326
Dedicated to Kwee-Hoon and her Mom


2 thoughts on “It’s Alright (Heaven Aplaud)

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