christianity / Easter / Poem

Song of Silence (1)

We are talking too much

Wasting words in a time

Our Extravaganza life

Trap us in vanity delight


We are too busy to listen

For world’s offerings are too delicious

We believe for what it says,

“This is life to die for”


We are too proud of being lost

Count our errs as His fault

Too confident to blame Him

and open our mouth to Him


But this is a time to keep in quit

This is a time to be silent


For He looks at you when you wave your palm

He heard you said, “Hosiana to the King”

He looks at you when you shout to Him

He heard you said, “Crucified Him!!”



Look at your bloody God

In His severity pray for you,

“Father, forgave them, for they not recognized yet

what they have done”


Look at His wound and open arms

In a perfect pain, could you hear the song of silence…

“I love you… I did it for you…”


Coz this is His time to talk

and this is our time to listen!


Jakarta, 080324


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