Inspirational Stories / Personal


My dearest God,

Three decades has passed in my life

Am not always smile, am not always cry

But i know i would always be alright coz You never leave me

Am as happy as sandboy, am save in Your arms, .. in Your love

My dearest dearest God,

Am not asking for longevity of life

Am not asking for plentous treasury

Life’s rose is not i begging for

Just give me a heart to love You more

In roller-coaster of my life

Coz be with You is all that i want

To serve You is my desire

Just give me more time to love You

In short-journey on this earth

My dearest dearest God,

I dunno what would the future be

All that i know You’ld never leave me

Just give me Your heart to keep be Yours

Coz to love You more is my only plea.




Jakarta, 080409




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