Friendship / Poem

You make my birthday full of joy

I spent few hours to read all notes
Thinking how great to have a friend like you
All the wishes and prayers and joys beyond
On my journey in life’s uneven path

Life has both sides of hope and fears
But expressions of your love and care
Accentuates mine with colourful splendor
Friend you make me proud to be me

As my fingers dancing on the keyboard
Thinking you in the mile-stones of my pilgrimage
Friend, I lift up a prayer in silence
Thanking Lord for having you in my life

My wonderful friend…
May God grants you a warmth heart
The grace to show such lovingkindness
Help the world experiencing love beyond degree

Am not a birthday girl after today
But if we can spread the love each single days
To the needy and those we love
There is a better tommorow for all to share

Jakarta, 9 April 2010
I am blessed to have Jesus as my Saviour and lot of nice friend like you


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