Day to Day / Poem

Dear God

Dear God,
Life seems not always friendly
Trusted friends are critically endangered
Good will becomes a pressure
On that way I feel so lonely

Dear God,
It might be an unwanted battle
The place that nobody want to
Or maybe because am desperately weak
Wounded soldier need a rest

Dear God,
I don’t want to have a heart like You
Having it would broken me
For the way You touch my heart
You take me in to never-ending battle

Dear God,
You know that feeling
That’s why I hate You as much as I love You
I want to run away as far as to come close to You
And in between, yet am nothing without You

Dear God,
Am tired, am wounded and I want nothing
There are lots of people out there
Let me learnt to be replaced
Let me be healed and be revived

Dear God,
Do not give me a distance when I need a warmth hug
If not so, give me warmth tears
It would help You to melt and mold me
Let Your will be comes upon me

Dear God,
I talk to You because You are my shelter
Rock of Ages, please draw me closer
Even life would never better
Be still my soul, You are my Savior

Jakarta, 18 July 2010
..just a conversation..


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