Children / christianity / Poem


Ups.. It’s not about you! It’s all about me, honey!

Coz I know my heart would be broken if I go there

Coz I can not stand on that side like I want

Melting the rock of me!


Do not look at me like that

You know Spiderman would not save you

And just like Sadman said,

“Not bad-man, just bad-luck”


Promise you teaching a new song of happiness

And say how much I love you thousand times

But forgive me to keep stay here

And saving all tears behind the smile


I’ll be waiting like the sweety

Till you grew up and be whatever you want

Composing a march of triumph to me

And let me feel sorry for never be there


It is the fainthearted me even never told you about that

So let me be here at this side like Pharisee

Forgive me thousand times, sweetheart…

The loves I said not bring me there



With love to all little angels in my life.

Sorry cannot cross the threshold.


George Sicillia


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