Going to India… yeaayyyy

Finally, after struggling to get visa, we are now heading to Bangalore, India, for the 10th International Monsoon School on Development and Pluralism. Of course, I am happy to be nominated for this event. But still nothing special after all. It might because of I tend to prepare my self to not go after my visa application has been refused a month ago. But here I am, and here we are, arrive safely in Bangalore at midnight, get a long queuing at immigration, then picked up by Ram, director of CSCS, that delivering us to a place name NLSIU Training Centre at Nagarbhavi. It would be my ‘home’ for the next 4 weeks.

The weather in Bangalore is similar like Jakarta. It’s roads is wider than Jakarta’s. But because of many roads and buildings still under-construction, the trip is not as smooth as I wish. ‘Medan’s drivers’ has their rivals here. I have read few information about Bangalore, but surprisingly, it’s different from what I imagine before. I was thinking about a never slept city that showing off their achievement in technology, but it isn’t. There are nothing in Bangalore at night, all shops are close, no 24-hour fast food restaurant. Just lot of dogs and just few people sleeping on the streets. Well, welcome to Bangalore.

Just arrive at Bangalore


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