I’m bore

Morning comes. Meet some participants, say hi hi and hello. Provide a glass of milk and some biscuits for me. I am not sure to take a breakfast at this facility yet. Then, walking around with friends. Well, even Bangalore was slept last night, it is also not an early morning city. Only dogs and buffaloes seems fresh this morning, i think. Activities at local shops and markets tend to start about 9 or 10 a.m. There are also lot of clinics and drug stores in this road, makes me wonder whether there are lot of demands for doctors and medicines. We meet participants from Uganda near the cross-roads. It seems that they are also try to explore the place nearby. I don’t think to start lot of conversations, suddenly not confidence with my English or maybe because of I wish to know more from others first. On the way, some girls wearing sarees passing us, they bring the Bible on their hands. Oohh.. It’s Sunday morning. Am not going to the church.

Watch your steps when you are walking around, there may be some animal’s discharge on the road. And also when you wanna cross the road, be careful (or be brave). Here, all drivers love to voice their cars and bikes. Teettt–teettt–teettt– every time and every where. NLSIU’s environment is quiet green, even not clean enough. People still can pee everywhere. Also in visible areas for public. Drivers or riders sometimes yelling for i don’t know reason. It’s some oh no for today. Sometimes, its feel also like back to 70’s style when you observe some objects.

This noon, i try Indian food as my lunch. I don’t like it, but I still can eat it, so it’s okay.  There is another seminar at NLSIU today, I meet its participants when having lunch in restaurant. They love the food so much and i think also that it should be an interesting seminar so that they keep talking about the content while take their lovely karee.

It is now 5 p.m. In India. Internet connection is not friendly enough. No agenda. The electricity on and off several times. And I’m bore.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


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