He Talked More Than Three Sentences

One of my habits is that I like to observe the situation or the behavior of the people around me. One thing that caught my attention since arriving in India, I noticed a few people, especially the educated, so confident when speaking. Sometimes, seem to give instruction or one-way. But when I saw the security guard at the NLSIU, I only saw the middle-aged men in uniform who sat listlessly. I also noticed some ordinary workers, they were so quiet, almost never speaks, works as instructed, even as they did not have any opinion. So are the workers at the training center where I stay, they were very diligent but are like no more than people who programmed to do this and that. When my roommates complained internet connection, there is no meaningful explanation than handed a piece of paper tells how to connect to the internet. Stingy words and always in hurry. I try to pay attention to one of workers that since my first arrival in this place, help us, the participants of The Monsoon School, in many ways. This person is also not so much talking. Makes me wonder, whether he have any single opinion or no at all?

Today, when I try to find out about the taxi option, my Indian friend who sat next to me call the worker and told him that i might need some help. For the first time, I heard him speak a little long. About three sentences. I immediately laughed and told him that I was glad to hear him speak. He said that I do not need to bother when looking for a taxi, guests staying at the training centre could told him to find a taxi that is safe for them. I also said that I was happy to find that he is very helpful since I first arrived. Glad to see that he also laughing.

Other helpful worker I met since I got here is pak Mohaan, it seems he is manager in this facility. He helped me connect with the internet. Even when I said that I could wait, since there are a lot of things he should be doing before we started the program, but he was still happy to set proxy settings on my laptop. In the afternoon, I heard Ram, director of CSCS, objected when the coffee break time was about to be postponed, “But, Mohaan had prepared tea for us”. I see, that although these workers did not talk much, but every their labors rewarded. In the afternoon when the event is over, I greet Moohan who was taking care of the electronic equipment used. He immediately prepared as I would ask him to do something. But I said, “I just want to say hello to you”. I see a smile on his face and I’m happy.

I believe, a soft greeting, a thank-you and appreciation, can make those around us feel more valued and more human.

Monday, July 15, 2013


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