Saturation Point of Education

Day # 5 – Friday, July 19, 2013

No classes today. We are required to read and work in groups for each of the projects that have been selected. I be a part of sustainability development project. Besides me, there are Justine from Uganda, Jette from the Netherland, Mayashree and Vaneesha from India. Today we try to brainstorm ideas about sustainability development. This is a very broad concept, therefore we try to focus only on our experiences and reasons for choosing this theme. I will not tell you much about the contents of our discussions. Not now. Hehehe ..

But, I want to share about one thing that appears at the end of our discussion today. Some of us think that education is needed to ensure communities has basic knowledge to maintain the carrying capacity of nature. On the other hand, Jette said that in developed countries, such as in her country, there are many educated people but it does not guarantee their participation in maintaining the  earth. So, is it a right choice to put education as a solution to the issue of sustainability development? At which point we can say that education is a must, and at which point the education needs to be revisited? In my view, at the saturation point of education, the need for wisdom becomes more crucial.


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