Let Me Fall in Love

Morning me, how are you?
This is your last day in the city you never knew before
In the corner of your heart, you are happy to be home soon
To say goodbye without regret

Afternoon me, how are you?
Time moves slowly and force all the senses work
You say hello, you’re talking, you’re sharing a smile while waiting
You feel home before up in your house

Evening me, how are you?
He is next to you and you never forget the way he say hi
On the eve of the city you never knew before
You learn to open your heart to love again

But me myself, how are you?
Consciously you let yourself fall in love with him
Day change in different cities, there you there he
Yes you fell in love but did not want him

So me myself, are you ok?
You know he is a blessing and a lesson in one package
He’s just not the love that you have been waiting for
At least you know, there’s a room for love in the heart

Oh me …
Not close a heart for a miracle
One more time, let me fall in love one more time
Although today i say goodbye

Mei 2014


One thought on “Let Me Fall in Love

  1. Kak Sisiiilllll…. cieeeehhhh… bagussss bangeeett ini kata-katanya!!! Suka… suka.. sukak!! It describes the bottom of the heart so well.. a subtle yet a stern feeling ;)) ciehhh kak Sisil… bikin lg yg kayak giniii, kaaa… hehehe :))

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